Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Austin - day 1(.5)

Greg and I flew into Austin yesterday, after a slight weather delay in Phoenix (of all places). I finally got to meet Maureen and her husband Bob, who generously treated us to Texas BBQ. A wonderful way to start our Texas working vacation.

Today was the first full day of the AAS Meeting. My presentation was today, so I can relax the rest of the week. Today went by in a blur: saw an astronaut, saw a Nobel Prize winner, attended a speech by the NASA administrator, shook hands with a NASA director, chatted with old grad school friends, got a hug from an old prof, cheered on many former TAs, judged student posters for a prize, and listened to two current grad students vent their frustrations for about 45 min (each - I think they're ready to graduate).

We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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Sarah Prineas said...

What a whirl, what a whirl...

(glad you're having a good time!