Saturday, January 05, 2008


As in "Enjoying the Weather" - 2008 started just like 2007 ended: clear and sunny. That worked out nicely, as dear David was visiting from Switzerland. It would have been cruel if he didn't have sun shine upon his trip. Here are some recent pics:

Greg and David in Ocean Beach.

Views from Bird Rock:

As in "Under the Weather" - I've been battling allergies or a cold or something. Slight earache, slight sore throat... just enough to make me feel blah. Of course, it isn't like I have to prepare for a conference or anything. Or want to be healthy to get on a flight on Monday. Oh, wait....

As in "Stormy Weather" - It's gloriously gray and gloomy this weekend, though. Coziness-inducing. Mmm... maybe it's time for curative cocoa.


Sarah Prineas said...

Ow, I hope your cold-ish gets better soon.

Yay for David visit!

So the gray weather this weekend--is that the big storm that I've been reading about? Sounds like a doozy.

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks, Sarah.

We're catching part of that big storm. Not so bad here... just gentle rain.

David Moles said...

Hope I didn't bring whatever it was with me! If I did, though, it may be some consolation to know mine never got beyond "slight earache, slight sore throat" before apparently going away. (The bad news is it took about two weeks to go away. I recommend lots of spicy food as a cure-all.)

Dr. Lisa said...

Spicy food and hot cocoa can cure anything!