Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just super

Sat on the couch and watched the Super Bowl, while my good Greg brought me snacks. Some commentary:

  • I didn't know who I was going to root for until the game started, and I automatically starting cheering on the Giants. I love how brains work.
  • There's an athletic trainer for the Giants retiring tonight after 60 years with the team?!?
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were enjoyable.
  • I wish that there had been a split screen with "Peyton-cam". Did you notice how he was standing all by himself, looking fairly nauseated most of the time? Looking relieved when Eli threw a complete pass? If there's a next time, networks, there must be a Peyton-cam.
  • Super Bowl ads are mostly lost on me. My favorite was the Barkley/D-wade T-Mobile commercial, but that's part of an on-going campaign that is in heavy rotation during basketball games, so I at least understand it. I don't even GET most of the rest.
  • Best ads - the Fox bumpers where the Terminator was dueling the NFL on Fox robots.
  • Do y'all think they should retire the recitation of the Declaration of Independence? It's a little odd.
  • Game over. Oh, I'm soooo pleased at this moment. Randy Moss didn't deserve a ring. If I'd remembered that he was on the Patriots, I never would have wavered over whom to root for. And yay for Eli, surviving New York media for these past few years. Soooooo happy.

But now, after such sweet brief elation, the long off-season begins. Sniffle. Must console myself with chocolate.


Sarah Prineas said...

Sounds like a fun evening! Glad you enjoyed it.

My parents live in Connecticut, and they were lukewarm about rooting for the Patriots...

Pat. said...

A good game... with an unforgivably low score. I think I spent most of the game in the kitchen eating, waiting for cheers to erupt in the TV room. And then it was over and we spent like half an hours praying they wouldn't give MVP to Manning.