Saturday, July 26, 2008

Links on My Mind

The New York Times published a horrifying article this week: Botox for Bridesmaids. Apparently it isn't enough now to get manicures together, but brides now expect perfection of their bridesmaids. In one situation mentioned, the bride wanted her bridesmaids to get matching cleavage enhancements. Hell, you'd be hard-pressed just to get me in a dress... heels are not even negotiable! I don't understand the world.

I understand the universe much better, but that's because I was well trained. You may have seen a news story this week about understanding the trigger for aurora. The scientist in charge of the THEMIS mission, Vassilis Angelopoulos, was a graduate student at UCLA when I was an undergrad there. In fact, I was his student worker for my last two years at UCLA. He taught me how to analyze data, enhanced my programming skills, and inspired me with his dedication and his kindness. What scientific skills I may have were first learned at his side, and I'll always be grateful to him and never surprised to see him do well.

Here's a list of possible names for the new Oklahoma City NBA team - Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshalls, Thunder and Wind. Wow, I'm trying to think of worse options, and I am not coming up with any. Could we please send the team back to Seattle now?!?!?!

And now, two nominees for best blog ever: Cake Wrecks and (huge spoiler alert!) Bear's Battlestar Blog. Cake Wrecks takes a horrifying look at professionally-made cake disasters, and I was in tears after laughing at some of the images. Bear's Battlestar Blog is the creation of Bear McCreary, the composer for Battlestar Galactica. Don't read entries for the episodes you haven't seen! I'm just warning you! Otherwise, if you're as much of an admirer of the musical score for BSG as I am, you'll appreciate the composer's insight on making the music work for the episodes and into the creative process. Some musical cues are provided, too!


Jackie M. said...

I think the idea is that you're treating your bridesmaids? So this is something they've all signed on for because they also think of it as something desirable? I hope?

(Not that I haven't known plenty of close friends who have gone all bridezilla and expected me to submit to all sort of mandatory, degrading "treats" and "girls' outings". But any bride-to-be who expects me to sit still while some clown with a cosmetology degree attempts to stick a needle full of botulism toxin into my face is going to be sorely disappointed.)

Dr. Lisa said...

Even if the bride is treating, how much of a treat is it to hear that you're physically not attractive enough to be part of the wedding party? There is just no positive spin on this one for me.

Dr. Cark said...

I'll vote for the Oklahoma City Rustlers, but that is probably not fair to the city.

Perhaps the Bride of Frankenstein package should also come with a therapy seesion?

Dr. Lisa said...

Therapy session... excellent suggestion!