Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nerd Prom!

Thanks to houseguests A and K leaving us their badges when they departed last night, we went to Comic-Con! Just us and about 125,000 of our ilk. We were only there for a few hours, but that allowed us to quickly peruse the dealers room, see Peter Mayhew look very bored, and ogle the Owl ship from Watchmen. We also ran into B & A and their really cute kids and met up for dinner with them later.

Promotion for The Mummy, set up outside the convention center:

About 1/8th of the dealers room:

Ah, Comic-Con... can't wait til next year:


Dr. Cark said...

If Comic Con is the nerd prom, what is WorldCon? Nerdvana?

Dr. Lisa said...

WorldCon ain't nothing compared to Comic-Con. You'd need to take about 20 WorldCons to make 1 Comic-Con at this point. Let's see, that would make WorldCon the Nerd Swing Dance at the senior citizens center.

I'm still going to WorldCon, though. ;)

Dr. Cark said...

Have fun swing dancing, old lady!