Wednesday, June 03, 2009

That makes me how old?

Tetris has turned 25 years old, all the media outlets tell me. That, um, dates me a bit. I recall spending many an hour in UCLA's Ackerman Union playing Tetris side-by-side with my beloved Kirsten. (If only I had spent as much time in the Physics Library!) Tetris reminds me of Monday nights, World Class Chocolate, and friendship. I look at it and am immediately transported back to my undergrad days. I still see undergrads playing Tetris and its imposters today, except now they play the game on their tricorders, or whatever the heck they call their electronic appendages nowadays. Guess I'm dated in more ways than one! ;)


Anonymous said...

What, Tetris has no bearing on the study of physics?

It does help your moving-day and truck-loading skills.

Dr. Lisa said...

True... seeing how things fit together is good. OTOH, we're probably close to another moving day, and I don't wanna think about it!

Therrin said...

I wonder how many of them have it on their graphing calculators from high school? As their tricorders become more and more prolific, I'm sure fewer and fewer of them are downloading all the games for their calculator.

Dr. Lisa said...

Calculators? Bah! They all just use their tricorders. My physics students forget their calculators half the time.

I can hear the Tetris music in my head. Doh!