Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things I WILL miss about Phoenix - #3

Today we crossed the desert without incident and ended up in San Diego, where tomorrow we'll pick up the keys to our new apartment in preparation for the big move this weekend. I still can't believe the move is upon us. The summer is going by so fast!

As much as I look forward to living near the sea, I will miss our Tempe neighborhood. We have a great apartment (at least when it's clean). I can walk (but not during June-August) to the bank, gym, Starbucks, my massage therapist, and Whole Foods. We're in a little blue island in a sea of red. I have a seven minute commute to work. However, it does seem like we're leaving at the right time. The Whole Foods will be moving a few miles away. A Super WalMart will be moving in about a mile away (over the dead bodies of many of the residents, I'm sure). And many of our baristas have left in the past few months - Katie, to do humanitarian work in Africa, and Ricky, of the perfect hot chocolate, to devote more time to school. Things are changing, and our departure will be part of that change.


SarahP said...

The summer is going by so fast! I can't believe the move is already upon you. As my dad says, "better git while the gittin' is good!"

Dr. Lisa said...

We're gittin'!

Pat. said...

Saw your last 3 Phoenix posts. It's tough leaving a city! I know I couldn't do it! But California as you know has SO many more film offerings than Phoenix, even if Harkins was a great theater. And I bet there are 3 times as many massage therapists. Plus, you now live in the city with the third best game store in existence. You are lucky!

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks for the encouragement, dude! Know any good comic book stores in SD?

Hopefully we'll see you in Limbo!