Sunday, May 17, 2009


I really can't complain about yesterday. First of all, Greg cooked breakfast for us. Then we packed up and headed south (or just north of the border) to feast on mariscos and wander around a huge outlet mall in search of shoes. Seriously, San Ysidro is just north of the border. We were looking straight into Tijuana, seeing the Mexican flag and the border fence. I found the following juxtaposition disturbing:

From Spring2009

After shopping, we headed to Chula Vista to see Nine Inch Nails, on what is stated to be their last tour (for awhile, at least). Here's our view of the stage from our seats before the concert started:

From Spring2009

I take my NIN seriously. They played "Metal" and "I'm Afraid of Americans" - awesome. I was really sad when the concert ended, though. (Warning to Aaron: I might be an emotional mess at the concert in Irvine on Wednesday!)

An eventful, enjoyable Saturday, for sure. I hope y'all are having a great weekend!


AaronJV said...

Are you going to stay for Jane's Addiction?

Dr. Lisa said...

I'll let that be a game-time decision. I'd like to hang out with you longer, but I do have a 9:30am class the next day. ;)