Friday, December 16, 2005

Finals Week Tally

Received: one homemade pumpkin pie, 10 frosted sugar cookies, chocolate hazelnut candies, and 0.4 lb Valrhona extra-bitter chocolate

Graded: 56 astronomy term projects, 69 astronomy lab finals, 68 astronomy lecture finals, and 122 physics finals

Total hours of work: 60

Goal for the weekend: no work (except to answer student emails - just can't help myself)

And now I shall sleep.


Judy said...

I haven't done a tally of what I've received yet (I did look at one thing which was a $20 Krispy Kreme gift card, $20!!!!!), but while my week was super busy, YESTERDAY was a bunch of fun (but also hard work), here's the total from that:

approx. 60 snow globes made in Chemistry.
approx. 20 eggs broken (in egg drop project in physics) out of about 60 dropped.
32 AP Physics quizzes given-but I left them at school for the break, just couldn't face grading more right now (I was up past midnight Wed. & Thurs. evenings grading this week).

Please note that my finals are the 4th week of January or something like that.

Enjoy your break, Lisa, it's well deserved!!

SarahP said...

Box of chocolates
Plate of cookies and fudge
Candy cane
Bunch of holiday cards
Bag of rugalach with pretty bow
Trebuchet with Barbie head

Argh. Am grading finals today. Argh.

Dr. Lisa said...

Sounds like we're all busy! But I'm just devastated that I did not get a trebuchet with Barbie head. That would have earned extra credit.

Hang in there!

Aaron said...

Would you accept a Barbie head ballista?

Dr. Lisa said...

Why do I have the feeling that you're more than ready to mutilate Barbies for me, dude?