Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Can anybody tell me why so many students think the plural of "scientist" is "scientist"? No "s" at the end, or if on the rare occasion they do put the "s", it's as in "scientist's". Is this a typo or a misunderstanding? Just something spell-check doesn't catch? As I sit here grading papers, I find it to be annoying.


Kirsten said...

Probably the complicated pronunciation confuses their little minds. Cause, you know, writing's just like talking.

Or, maybe they think there's only one.

Charly said...

All of you scientist will never understand. :D

SarahP said...

They do it just to be annoying, dontchaknow.

With mine, it's the persistence in calling Middle-earth 'Middle Earth.'


Dr. Lisa said...

Only one scientist, and I'm sure HE specializes in everything. :)

You are such a geek, Charly.

I wanna take Sarah's class!

Admiral Piett said...

As a matter of fact I DO specialize in everything. :)

Dr. Lisa said...

And we're glad for it, geek!