Wednesday, December 28, 2005

King Kong Hurt Me

My neck hurts. It's hurt ever since I craned it up at a movie screen watching "King Kong" yesterday. Ow. I didn't like the LOTR movies much in their theatrical release forms, but I adore the extended versions. Therefore, I wasn't too cowed by the thought of seeing a three hour-long Peter Jackson movie. Was I ever wrong. The movie was incredibly boring - I think my neck hurts so much because I was trying not to nod off. It had some good moments, but I think I come firmly down on the side of this being a bad movie. The most interesting characters disappeared too soon (being a flaw that the major characters were not the most interesting), there were racist overtones up the wazoo, the special effects were wretched in many parts, and this movie provides more evidence that digital animation enables filler when storytelling is needed. The most interesting aspect for me was looking for all the product placements in the New York sequences. I'm glad that I saw it on the big screen, but it's definitely a movie I'll never need to see again.


SarahP said...

Oh, maaaan! I'm so bummed to hear about the product placements. J and I were talking about that the other day, some scene set in a McDonalds in some movie, and speculating about how much McD's shelled out for it. Then being glad that there can be no product placements in the LotR movies, thank goodness. But it sounds like PJ, despite his general fabulousness, muffed up this time.

Dr. Lisa said...

At least the product placements made sense in KK, and because of the time-period, it made for some interesting eye-candy. But I agree, product placements can be distracting - at least lembas bread was never referred to as the "breakfast of champions".