Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bad Land

After a most pleasant time in the Twin Cities, Greg and I headed across South Dakota today. The eastern part is much too flat, but upon entering the Badlands, I felt like I'd returned to the West. Oh, don't get me wrong... the Midwest is pleasant enough and I enjoy the green fields and the wild rivers, but I miss the majesty of the West when I'm away. This evening finds us in Keystone, SD, one of the most awesome goofy Wild West towns ever. I've seen fake shootouts, had dinner in a saloon with flocked velvet wallpaper, and have strolled in fresh mountain air whilst eating an ice cream cone. Ahhh...contentment.

Today - 630 miles

Tomorrow - heading back out!


Jackie M. said...

I'm very upset that everybody except me gets to see the Badlands. Why does South Dakota have to be way out there in the middle of nowhere, anyway?

David Moles said...

Lisa, I just want you to know that you and Greg have, double-handedly, in just the last few weeks, turned Arrange things so that you will have summer vacations into the driving passion of my life.

David Moles said...

Jackie, I've never seen the badlands either -- the closest I've gotten (if I read this map right) is Willston, North Dakota, on the train from Chicago to Portland.

A fellow passenger on that trip asked one of the porters if we'd see the Badlands. He looked out the window at North Dakota in February and said: "Lady, ain't this bad enough?"

Dr. Lisa said...

First of all, David, I'm envious that you've taken the Empire Builder route. Before I did road trips, I used to indulge in train trips. Getting the urge again. Also, academia is a beautiful thing.

Jackie, we only saw this region because we wanted to take a new route home. Ended up liking the area more than we thought we would!

Jackie M. said...

Hey, they didn't just drop those National Park designations at random! Well, except for Cuyahoga Valley N.P.--I don't know what they were thinking with that one.

David: Har.