Monday, June 18, 2007

Sing with the Wind

Poked about Milwaukee a bit before heading out. Find a nice coffee house with good cocoa, pastries, and free wi-fi. Success! Then we got into the car and headed to the west, singing in the car. Eventually we ended up in Minneapolis, where we attending a reading at Dreamhaven Books, a great science fiction bookstore. It was nice to see Dave again, and I met Haddayr and Kristen and Alan and just generally had a lovely evening.

Today - 340 miles

Tomorrow - more exploring of the Twin Cities.


SarahP said...

Yike! From the title I feared you'd run into a tornado yesterday. The front went through here last night and today the weather is gorgeous--and I'm hoping it's that way for you today, too.

Have fun in the Mini Apple!

Dr. Lisa said...

There were a few scary moments driving in western Wisconsin yesterday, but today is lovely here in Minneapolis today.