Thursday, June 14, 2007

St. Paul, Part I

Let's see...I explored a little bit of St. Paul on Wednesday. Philip lives in a good neighborhood with lovely homes and access to many stores, so I poked around there a bit. I also went to the Science Museum of Minnesota. There were a lot of summer camps touring the exhibits, and it was interesting to observe the kids and what demos they were drawn to from a science educator's point of view. They loved all the medical stuff - getting their pulse and blood pressure, etc... Enjoyed the weather demos. Very few students were doing any of the physics experiments, many of which were just too darned wordy. I also took a brief walk along the river before the humidity tried to kill me and spent the rest of the afternoon working (hey, it isn't vacation without work) and playing with the dopey doggy. Wednesday concluded with eating fried cheese and a burger at the Mall of America with Philip. Oof. There was also an awesome Lego display...I could have spent so much money. But, no.

Thursday...still stationary. After that meal, I'd have to be!