Monday, June 25, 2007

Road Ruminations

Total miles traveled = 6400 miles

I do not understand 65 mph speed limits. I understand even less those who obey 65 mph speed limits.

Radio across the Midwest goes like this: country, Christian, classic rock, Christian, country, Christian, classic rock, Christian, and (bizarrely) disco. I had the opportunity to see Greg bop to "Staying Alive" more than once.

When I would hold doors open for people in the Midwest, there was no "thank you" or any other acknowledgment.

I could spend a lot more time in the following places: Ozarks, Black Hills, Madison, the Twin Cities, and Boulder.

Next time, I will bring Tapatio.

Every time I visit a National Park, I want to become a Ranger. Do geology tours during the day and sky tours by night...that is the dream.

I just love, love, love this country. Every roadtrip brings me closer to the land, yet reminds me how much more there is to explore. Must plan another roadtrip. Where to next?

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David Moles said...

You should take a road trip with the gallon jug, and take it with you into every restaurant, along with a turkey baster. Greg should take pictures.

Dr. Lisa said...

Ha! We have the 32-oz bottle in the apartment. Mmm... I think we've eaten mexican food continually since Friday. ;)

Rachel said...

Every time I visit a National Park, I want to become a Ranger.

I remember reading a (probably apocryphal) story about two brothers. One chose the fastlane route and became a wealthy, high-powered attorney (or some other corporate type). The other chose to become a forest ranger.

The lawyer used to tease his brother about his lack of ambition. One day, he sent his brother a picture of his Porsche with a note that read, "This is my new car!"

The brother responded by sending a poster of the Grand Tetons with a note reading, "This is my backyard."

The lawyer stopped teasing him.


Dr. Lisa said...

Ah...I understand that. I acknowledge that I'm a city girl - I know a rural life would be hard for me - but when I'm in Rocky Mountain National Park or along the Northern California Coast, I think I could handle suffering a little.

Some said...

Nice pictures!


Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks, dude! We'll all have to road-trip together someday.