Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reference points

Tuesday started off with me walking around downtown Madison a bit more. I was getting really annoyed with the whole "Capitol Loop East" vs "West", etc... until I finally found a map that showed that these designations were NOT exactly aligned with the true cardinal directions. The names didn't match the sky! I really felt, um, astronomical.

After lunch I hopped in the car and headed towards St. Paul. I listened to ESPN Radio most of the way because the NPR stations have zero range and I didn't feel like listening to music. Strange, huh? Met up with much beloved Philip for dinner outside in the lovely evening weather. Now I'm in a truly midwestern house - two stories, plus a basement, plus a detached garage - with Philip's dog sleeping at my feet. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.

Today just a mere 270 miles covered. Next few days, I'll be holding fort here, experiencing why us folks in the southwest like to declaim "at least it's a dry heat."


SarahP said...

Yay for Madison and the next leg, St. Paul!

We are here in the land of intermittent internet! (try saying that five times fast).

Kirsten said...

Oh, the humidity!

(I don't really hate humidity. I hate the sun.)

Dr. Lisa said...

Hi, Sarah! Hope you're having fun stranded on the island!

Sun + humidity = evil