Thursday, June 07, 2007


Don't think I saw a single tumbleweed today, but I did see the largest cross in the Western hemisphere. (Only in Texas, ya know.) I also received a free soda from a clerk in Oklahoma, which partially offset the amount of tolls racked up just driving across the state. In Missouri, I travelled along a stretch of road labelled the Edwin P. Hubble memorial highway, so I satisfied my geek quota for the day. Missouri is a very lovely state, but the people here don't seem very happy. Hmm... The Ozarks also confuse me. Beautiful, but the tallest point is only about 1700 ft about sea level. The hike I did in Flagstaff recently had an elevation difference of about 2300 ft. Um... that's just wrong.

650 miles today - whee! More tomorrow - yay!

(edit: apparently that cross is now just the second-largest...I guess I'll leave seeing the largest for tomorrow.)


carl said...

People in Missouri are not happy because they have yet to discover hot sauce. I hope you remembered to pack yours!

Kirsten said...

Apparently, there's a shift in terminology when you head east. They start calling hills "mountains." The ridge my childhood home stood is bigger than anything I saw in the Blue Ridge Mountains, for example.

Don't hate them because they're short.

Dr. Lisa said...

I did not pack hot sauce, as I had planned. Looking at my dinner options last night, I wouldn't have had anything to put it on!

I didn't hate the Ozarks - quite lovely, in fact. Just...just...tiny!