Saturday, June 16, 2007

On the Road Again

On Friday, I left St. Paul and headed to Iowa City. I stayed at a great hotel (thanks for the rec, SarahP!) and very much enjoyed exploring the town and the University of Iowa campus. I also made it to Prairie Lights, because I have to see the cool independent bookstore in a town. I would have liked to have seen more, but I wasn't feeling all that well and the humidity was irksome. Hope to get back there sometime.

Today I drove to Sandusky, Ohio, so that I can pick Greg up from his workshop tomorrow morning. I've decided that I do not like Illinois. Just don't. Too flat. More hills please. At least the toll roads in Indiana and Ohio are civilized - obtain a ticket at one end of the state and pay a varying rate depending upon when you exit. That's works. Stoopid Illinois.

I had a very tiny cup of soup and a very large hot fudge sundae for dinner. I had to give in after walking into the restaurant and seeing all the kids eating ice cream, having to crane their heads up to reach the level of the dish. So cute!

Friday - 305 miles

Saturday - 500 miles

Tomorrow - heading out again with Greg!

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