Thursday, June 21, 2007


We started off the day at Mount Rushmore. I thought I'd find it to be goofy, but instead I found it beautiful. The surrounding Black Hills are also lovely. After seeing eastern South Dakota, I didn't think I'd warm up to the state, but the southwestern part of South Dakota is lovely, and I'd return again. We also stopped off at a site in Hot Springs, SD where there are mammoth specimans being excavated. That was wonderful. Then our route took us through Wyoming, into Colorado, and finally into Boulder. I will now think of Boulder as being the place where my Mexican food drought ended. I hadn't had Mexican food since June 6. All of you should be grateful I've had a burrito.

Today - 400 miles

Tomorrow - more Boulder


Carl said...

How did you live without a burrito for two weeks??

Dr. Lisa said...

Dude, it was rough. I almost gave into temptation in Ohio and South Dakota, but knew I'd be disappointed.